Retail Store Safety
in Dallas

Retail stores in Dallas are generally safe areas, but there are certain risks in any environment for employees and customers alike. Some risks such as exposed wiring can be taken care of with a little visit from an electrician. Other hazards such as natural disasters can be prepared for with a good insurance policy and an emergency plan. Here are a few other tips for preventing retail store accidents.

Safety First In The Stockroom

In stockrooms, products should be carefully placed so they are reasonably within reach for employees, either from the floor or from a secure ladder. Boxes should not be stacked so they can fall over. The stockroom should also be clean and free of debris, including empty boxes. It should be easy for employees to access safety equipment such as ladders and stools to retrieve products as necessary.


Dallas is not necessarily known for raging snow storms or monsoons, but heavy rain does occasionally fall over the area. When it gets wet outside, water can get tracked in on retail floors. Employees and store owners should take action to keep the floors as dry as possible and post signs warning passersby of the slippery surface. Fire alarms should also be inspected and in working order.


Store products should be laid out in a reasonable pattern that leaves enough room for customers and employees to safely navigate the floor. There should be no threat of products falling down anywhere. It can also be a good idea to document floor layouts. If threat of a lawsuit is a real concern, take preemptive action before you end up having to deal with a victim’s personal injury lawyer in Dallas.


One of the best ways a retail store can prevent accidents in the workplace is to properly train every employee. Employees should know how to safely retrieve products from the stockroom and prevent injury to themselves while on the job. With appropriate training, emergency plans, and an attorney’s advice at hand, you should be ready in the case of any retail store accident.